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Renée Victor in a Conversation with Professor David Carren

Renée Victor remains one of the most delightful talents in entertainment. Critics and admirers have acknowledged her range as an actress with a gallery of indelible roles.  She is equally adept at handling drama and comedy.  Since her debut singing in the opera “Carmen” at the age of 10, Ms. Victor has also been singing and dancing professionally in every performing medium all over the world.  Born and raised in San Antonio, Ms. Victor will discuss her versatile and extinguished career with Professor David B. Carren, Interim Chair, Theatre TV Film Department, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.


A Conversation With Gilbert Hernandez

Inside Palomar - 35 Years of LOVE & ROCKETS with Gilbert Hernandez: Please join Latino Comics Expo Long Beach Co-Founder Ricardo Padilla for an in-depth conversation with Love & Rockets co-creator Gilbert Hernandez, as they examine the history and achievements of this legendary comic book series as it celebrates its thirty-fifth anniversary in publication.


A Conversation With Hector Cantú

From the Valley to the National Stage: Weslaco native Hector Cantú discusses his family roots and his journey to co-creating Baldo, the first Latino family to appear on the nation’s comic strip pages. Moderated by artist Javier Hernandez.


A Conversation With Lalo Alcaraz

Show Me Your Papers: Political cartoonist, TV/film writer, consultant, producer and Cultural Consultant on the hit Pixar movie, Coco. Lalo Alcaraz will present a torrent of his cartoons spanning 30 years of his work mocking everything.  Alcaraz is the creator of La Cucaracha, the daily comic strip nationally syndicated by Universal Click. He was a writer & producer on the animated television show Bordertown.


A Conversation With Vicko Alvarez of ScholaR Comics

A conversation and question & answer session with Vicko Alvarez, a Chicago based Tejana and creator and illustrator of the ScholaR Comics web series. The comic is based on her childhood as well as the lives of the students she's had the privilege of teaching in Chicago's Southside. The stories touch on the realities of growing up poor in an immigrant home, navigating the complex emotions of young people, and maintaining pride in your community. Her latest comic, "Rosita Gets Scared", tells the story of a young undocumented girl coping with her fear of deportation.


A Conversation With Tone Rodriguez

Tone now creates comics and graphic novels in Phoenix, Arizona.  A frequent contributor to Bongo Comics drawing for the Simpson's, Bart Simpsons TreeHouse of Horror, Radioactive Man and Futurama comic books. In addition to his humorous comics, Tone has also produced many Horror and Action comic book titles like Violent Messiah, Snake Plisskin Chronicles, U.T.F. (The Undead Task Force), The Covenant, ShadowHawk, Dead Vengeance & his latest book Blood and Dust.  Tone will discuss his career and art and answer your questions.


Mujeres in Zines

A casual discussion amongst Latinas making zines today including how they got started, what their mission is, and how self-publishing has impacted their lives.  Moderated by Suzy Gonzalez – artist, zinester and organizer. Suzy is co-publisher of  Yes, Ma’am (and more).  With Julia Arredondo – artist, writer, entrepreneur currently living in Chicago.  Daisy Salinas – a Xicana feminist punk, community activist, bassist, artist, & chingona zine queen


Drawing on the Border:
Notes on the Artistic Process of the Borderland/Dibujando la Línea: Apuntes sobre dinámicas artísticas fronterizas

Desde su definición en el siglo XIX, la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos ha sido trazada por los artistas en su riquezas y contradicciones. En las últimas décadas esto se puede observar en los temas que han elegido no pocos artistas de Matamoros y Brownsville. Estos trazos son los apuntes que nos ofrece Javier Dragustinovis, artista y curador del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Tamaulipas, en su plática.  Since its definition in the nineteenth century, the border between Mexico and the United States has been traced by artists in its riches and contradictions. In recent decades this can be seen in the themes chosen by many artists from Matamoros and Brownsville.  These strokes are the notes offered by Javier Dragustinovis, artist and curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Tamaulipas, in his talk.


St. Sucia Zine Workshop

St. Sucia will review a brief history of zine culture with an emphasis on feminist zines. They will discuss their inception and process and teach how to make a mini zine that will be completed by the end of the workshop. They will discuss promotion and distribution of self-published materials and their importance to underrepresented voices as a tool to make space, find community, elevate diverse narratives and promote visibility.  St. Sucia is a submission based international feminist Latina zine. In 2014, they published our first Issue with submissions from amigas in Texas. St. Sucia now has eleven issues with contributors from the US, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.  Their goal is to elevate the voices of Latinas in Art and Literature with a focus on issues rarely discussed in our community. Topics covered in our past issues include: identity, culture, LGBT issues, machismo, trauma, body, reproductive rights, language, sexuality and immigration to name a few.


Si Se Puede – The Secrets of Self-Publishing

Javier Hernandez presents a round table discussion of the ins & outs and the ups & downs of independent DIY publishing in print and on the web. If you're interested in publishing your own comics, join us! Moderated by cartoonist Javier Hernandez, creator of El Muerto and Maniac Priest comic books.  The Panel includes Cayetano Garza.  Cayetano 'Cat' Garza is a comic artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and musician.  He is a pioneer in the area of web design and interface for online comics.


Latinas in Comics: Representation Today by RGV Cosplay Syndicate

This panel will explore the history of the representation of Latinas in comic books by taking a look at some of the most influential characters in the medium as well as where we stand with comics in today’s market.


Comics Across the Curriculum by Anastasia Betts

More comics than ever before are available today to teach content across the curriculum. There are comics that teach science concepts and those that teach about historical events. There are others that serve as excellent models for teaching critical understanding of literature. Still others cover a wide array of social emotion (and just plain social) issues confronting kids today. This panel will discuss how to incorporate comics-teaching across the curriculum, and it will provide comics recommendations and teaching ideas. Anastasia Betts is an M.Ed.  She is the VP of Curriculum at Age of Learning and Founder of


The Raza Report By Ramon Ramirez

Cartoonist Ramon Ramirez presents the behind the scenes look at The Raza Report.  A series of videos where a reporter puppet known as Rosendo Resendez does several short video interviews via the Raza Report. Shared information will be on the cartooning behind Raza Toons and the world of Latino humor. A photo op will be available with the cartoonist who is a local editorial cartoonist, art teacher and veteran cartoonist for 31 years.  Ramon has featured work Marlon Wayans, The Monitor Newspaper and his book Teacher Toons. 


Learning to Learn to Cosplay By Elle Elliott & Finn Joestar

Sometimes the hardest part of cosplaying is getting your foot in the door, and the hardest part of getting your foot in the door is learning to open it.  Here we’ll go over the hardest part of cosplay: how to find the resources to learn how to cosplay.


Group Cosplay presented by Rio Grande Valley’s Cosplay Group Luna Valley Cosplay

Interested in developing a cosplay concept with a group? Here we will explain the pros and cons of group cosplay, share a few tips and tricks to creating an accurate costume from start to finish, and what to expect once you arrive at the convention.  Hosted by Luna Valley Cosplay - Leah, Eva, Jess, Mimi and Vikkii


LGBT+ Characters in Gaming By Finn Joestar & Elle Elliott

A history of the LGBT+ Characters in video games starting from the beginning of gaming all the way up to the modern-day representation in some of the most popular games of the year.  For anyone who wants to know more about how these characters shaped our games, or if you just want to talk about games, this is for you!


LGBT Representation in Comics: East vs West by RGV Cosplay Syndicate

Join RGV Cosplay Syndicate for an in-depth discussion of how LGBTQ+ characters are portrayed in western comics and manga, and what we hope the future of these mediums may bring.


Plus Size Cosplay by RGV Cosplay Syndicate

Seasoned plus size cosplayers discuss their tips and  tricks on how to look and feel great in your cosplay. How to choose and make a costume that is flattering for you, and the best ways to show off your hard work!


Cosplay Tips – How to Fix it by The RGV Cosplay Medic

Tips on how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and how to fix them in case it happens, cosplay etiquette, how to prepare for an event and what to bring.  We’ll discuss how to plan and use alternatives, so you avoid disasters.  I’ll provide info on how to behave and act around an event – what is okay and not okay to do.