The CreArte Expo: Latinx Cultural & Comic Festival is a celebration that honors the rich traditions of Latino culture and art.  Originally founded in 2018 as the Brownsville Latino Comic Expo, The CreArte Expo is now bigger and more diverse but the strong focus on comic book culture remains.  

The Expo features the best of Latino culture including:

Comics   ●   Movies   ●   Music   ●   Literature   ●   Cosplay   ●   Zines

The CreArte Expo Latinx Short Film Awards is one of the Expo events. 


Because of COVID-19, the 2020 CreArte Expo was cancelled but we're looking forward to seeing you in 2021.  Until then,  please join us for the The CreArte Expo Latinx Short Film Awards.

We want to thank our generous sponsor DC CREATIVE, a Burbank, CA based content creation, editorial, sound design, mixing, color timing, VFX and mastering boutique. 


The CreArte Expo Latinx Short Film Awards is produced by Revival of the Cultural Arts and EPF Media.

ROCA at Carlotta K. Petrina Cultural Center a non-profit organization committed to creating bridges that connect families to experience culture, art and music in ways that enhance personal growth and revitalize our community.


EPF Media is a distributor and producer of innovative documentaries from around the world that educate and raise awareness of social issues, cultures and the arts.  They also produce, Practical Reason, a free podcast that explores stories about provocative issues that are worthy of examination.