Create Your Own Superhero!


What would you look like as a superhero? What would be your superhero name?
What kinds of superpowers would you have? What values would you uphold?
Who or what would you fight for? What problems would you try to solve?


Then construct your own special superhero mask that will be a symbol for your cause!







2600 Central Blvd., Brownsville, TX 78520


Hosted by Luna Valley Cosplay

About Luna Cosplay

Luna Valley Cosplay is a five piece cosplay group based out of the Rio Grande Valley passionately creating cosplay by moonlight and giving back to the community by daylight.  Established in 2014, LVC members are completely self-taught and self-financed with little to no prior training in pattern making, costume design or crafting. Relying on their ingenuity, LVC has fabricated over 75 costumes in the span of two years. Their cosplays range from anime, video games, and comics to TV shows and films.


Jessica enjoys dressing up and transforming into her favorite characters. She loves music, TV and her dogs.  She can be found recording her new, unreleased podcast that is currently in the works! She can be found on Instagram at azul_pye.


Eva's hobbies are theatre, crochet and aromatherapy. Besides cosplay, she enjoys fantasy novels and hanging out with her friends. Fun fact: she never learned to ride a bike! She can be found on Instagram at khaleesi_foreva.


Victoria is a Tsundere Cancer, a makeup artist, and a lifelong RGV resident. If she's not playing video games, she can be found reading comics! She can be found on Instagram at @vikkiipedia.


Mimi is a Leo, and is passionate about volunteering her time to local reproductive justice organizations and is currently in the process of planning her wedding! She can be found on Instagram @_lovelymi.


Leah is a graphic designer and an introvert who loves strong coffee and soft cats. She is also a seasonal insect photographer. Her solo cosplay projects can be found on Instagram @leahchucosplay.


They all wholeheartedly believe that cosplay should be inclusive of all ages, races, and gender identities, and that everyone should feel welcome in the cosplay community.


Luna Valley Cosplay has been invited to appear as featured cosplayers, panelists and special guests at conventions and events including South Texas Comic Con, STXCC Fan Weekend, ZiCon Convention, Omnicon Convention, Geekfest, Hero Con, Countdown City Con, International Sailor Moon Day, Victoria Comic Con, and most recently 2018 RGV Pokéfest. Additionally, LVC has been featured in Ouch My Ego!, Rice, Beans and Revolution, BLASST Podcast, and Neta among other various media platforms.


Luna Valley manages to hold full time careers all while remaining a tightknit family, working together through any challenges and maintaining a dedicated love for cosplay. Luna Valley Cosplay continues to strive to create bigger and better builds, produce more innovative ideas, and support and empower the community around them.


•   Geekfest 2015 Best in Show

•   Geekfest 2015 Handmade Novice

•   Hero Con 2016 Best Group

•   South Texas Comic Con 2017 Best Group

•   South Texas Comic Con 2018 Honorable Mention


They can be found on Instagram @Lunavalleycosplay and Luna Valley Cosplay on Facebook.