The CreArte Expo Latinx Short Film Awards is an event that takes place in Brownsville, Texas. Because of COVID-19, the awards ceremony is now a free virtual event. The program honors emerging Latinx filmmakers and/or films that have Latino themes. This year's filmmakers are from the U.S. and Mexico, and their films cover a diverse range of genres including drama, sci-fi, documentary and music videos.

The films will be streamed together in a program that is 73 minutes long. You can stream the films anytime between October 16th and October 25. Prior to the October 16th, we’ll send you a link. There is no fee to watch the films.  Just sign up on this website's homepage.

We were blown away by the many great films that were submitted to us.  The judges faced the difficult task of selecting the films to present at the Expo. 


Here is the list of films and their directors that were honored.  Congratulations to all the filmmakers.

​Back Home - Pedro Perez Nuñez

Conexiones: A New Orleans Mexican Connection - James Hall

Crystal Clairty - Phil Hodges

Dario - Manuel Kinzer & Jorge A. Trujillo Gil

Dia de las Carpas - João Dall'Stella

Meteorite - Mauricio Saenz

Santa - Kayden Phoenix

The Secret That Lives In Darkness - Andrea McCracken

The CreArte Expo Latinx Short Film Awards is produced by Revival of the Cultural Arts (ROCA) and EPF Media. We want to thank our generous sponsor DC CREATIVE, a Burbank, CA based content creation, editorial, sound design, mixing, color timing, VFX and mastering boutique.