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David Amsellem – Will present a short instruction workshop on watercolor or introductory to watercolor.


Henry Barajas - HOW NOT TO MAKE COMICS: Henry Barajas has been in the comic book industry for a decade. His slow, difficult rise to comic book celebrity was not overnight. It was over a lot of nights. Learn how he makes comics from writing, editing, publishing, printing, lettering, Kickstarting, and promoting. Then do it the opposite way.


Kevin Garcia and Emmanuel Valtierra - Codex Comics: The Creators and Heroes of Mesoamerican Books

The Aztecs and Mayans made comic books centuries before the first Europeans reached the Americas! Learn how the books were made, how to read them, and how these ancient codices have influenced modern comics!


Comadres Y Comics – Will moderate a panel of independent comic creators.

J Gonzo - Graphic Design as Means of Storytelling in Comics.


Magic the Gathering 101 Workshop - Ricardo Perez will teach you to play Magic the Gathering.  Challenge your friends to a rigorous battle between wizards and wizardesses (“planeswalkers”) using spells, artifacts, and creatures depicted on individual Magic cards. Learn to Play decks will be provided. 


Olmeca - Lecture that looks at the intersection between Latinx economics, politics and cultural power in the U.S. It is connected to grassroots work at the U.S. Mexico border.


Hector Rodriguez - Anatomy of a Border Hero, El Peso Hero: The first superhero to confront border issues and immigration detention facilities.  Defender of immigrants, hero to the disenfranchised, growing vexation for the Mexican cartels, corrupt officials and human traffickers, El Peso Hero makes waves along the border. Join creator Hector Rodriguez as he shares his journey on the creation of his popular border hero.


St. Sucia – Zine Culture We will review a brief history of zine culture with an emphasis on feminist zines. We will discuss our inception and process. We will teach how to make a mini zine that will be completed by the end of the workshop. We will discuss promotion and distribution of self-published materials and their importance to underrepresented voices as a tool to make space, find community, elevate diverse narratives and promote visibility. Workshop will include a demonstration and work time, with a discussion of the completed zines.


Many more panels and workshops to be announced.  Stay tuned for details.


Are you interested in hosting your own panel or workshop at the CreArte Expo?  Comics, Zines, Cosplay, Graphic Novels, Manga, Games are all great subjects.  We still have some slots available.  Please submit the application to


Spaces are limited.  Please submit soon.

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